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date 2014.01.14

Please join me in congratulating the 1st TFS BIMAs (Best International Makeup Artist)!

What is 'BIMA'?

BIMA stands for Best International Makeup Artist and to work closely with HQ in introducing THEFACESHOP products as our Global Makeup Artist.

THEFACESHOP's HQ Makeup Instructor Course for our global makeup artists was held in Seoul for 4 days with 60 participants (11 countries & 12 Partners).

3 special individuals were selected as THEFACESHOP BIMAs for their excellent makeup skills.  They were chosen based strictly on writing and performance test given by Korean Makeup Association, their skills & participation during the 4-day event, and was judged by the Korean Makeup Association, Makeup Instructors, and THEFACESHOP HQ Training Team.

Selected BIMAs:

     - Ms. Marge (The Philippines)

      -  Ms. Kelly Chen Chi Yin (Malaysia)

      -  Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Thao (Vietnam)     

To perform as a Global Makeup Artist, those who are selected as BIMAs had a portfolio photo-shoot (27th of July) and special makeup training (28th – 29th of July).  BIMAs will be performing their skills as an International Makeup Artist for 1 year, not only in their own country but also worldwide in various THEFACESHOP related Makeup Shows and Beauty Classes as THEFACESHOP BIMAs.  

Benefits for our BIMAs:

     - Professional photo-shoot of Makeup Portfolio

      - BIMA Special Training

      - Chances of participating in various THEFACESHOP Global events

      - Participation of annual specialized advanced makeup training

THEFACESHOP BIMA will be selected annually during the MIC and we believe that it will promote THEFACESHOP brand status in our global market.

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